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In Wack-A-Doo there are different opportunities for an alliance to win a round.
At the current time two victory conditions are implemented.


Procedure of a victory condition

For every victory condition an alliance must fulfill one criterion.
After fulfilling this criterion for one victory condition the alliance must hold on to this criterion for a certain period of time(at the current time 5 days). After this time the alliance is the winner of the round.

This holding period starts automatically with fulfillment of the victory condition.
If the hostile moves are successful and your alliance is dropping below this given period of the criterion, the holding period resets and starts new with repeated fulfillment of the criterion.

Reward for a round's victory

For winning a round the players within the successful alliance get entries into their player-history and bonuses in the game.
A typical example are double starting ressources for the next round. It's possible to get other or additional rewards.

Different types of victory conditions

The different victory conditions are deemed equivalent.
Winner will be the alliance that at first fulfill one of the victory conditions. There is only one round winner and no winner on criterions.

Reign victory

The reign victory relates to the ownership of fortresses by an alliance.
The criterion reign victory starts at the round's beginning with 100% fortresses and drops at a certain time per day by a specific percentage, so the number of required fortresses getting smaller and smaller und more probable.

The holding period starts with the capture of the last required fortress or when the limit to fulfill the criterion drops to a current number of fortresses of the alliance.

Artifact victory

To fulfill the victory condition artifact victory an alliance must own and activate a complete artifact set.
A set is made of all types of artifacts, from every type there must be at least one artifact be possessed by the alliance. See also Artifacts as Victory Condition.

The complete number of artifacts in ownership of the alliance does not influence the victory condition.

The holding period starts with activation of the last required artifact that belongs to the set.

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