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Units are recruited in the settlement. They are needed for Fights, either for defending the Garrison of an attacked Settlement, or for attacking settlements as an Army.
An overview of the units is found here.



All units have these properties:

The Raw Material that it costs to recruit a unit.
Construction Time
The time that it takes to recruit one unit without an acceleration.
The attack value deterministically influences the hit probability when attacking.
The defense value deterministically influences the hit probability when the unit is attacked.
A successful hit causes damage.
Critical Hit Chance
The chance to hit critically. Critical hits ignore the armor of the enemy and add additional damage.
Critical Damage
The damage that is added additionally to the attack value when the unit hits critically.
Life Points
Refers to the number of life points. If the life points go down to zero, the unit dies.
Initiative determines the order of attack. Units with a high initiative value attack first.
The normal movement time is divided by the speed.
Action Points
The number of action points that an army can achieve with this unit. Action points are used for movements.
Effectiveness against Unit Types
This property is for every unit type. The attack value for each unit, which dependins on their unit type, is multiplied by the corresponding value.
A club warrior attacks an ostrich rider.
The unit type of an ostrich rider is mounted unit.
The club warrior has an effectiveness value of 1.5 against mounted units.
Therefore the attack value of the club warrior is multiplied by 1.5.

All values are shown ​​in this Units Overview .

Unit Types

Units belong to one of four types. Each unit type has its own Attack Order.


The infantry is particularly effective against Mounted Units, preventing their flank attacks.

  • Club warriors
  • Thick-skinned club warriors
  • Drunk club warriors
  • Tree huggers

Mounted units

The mounted unit is fast and very effective against the Artillery. You can perform Flank Attacks, when the enemy mounted units are destroyed.

  • Two-handed ostrich rider
  • One-handed ostrich rider
  • Hands-free ostrich rider
  • Dino rider


Artilleries are particularly effective against the Infantry. They are, except for with a flank attack, always the last units to be attacked.

  • Gravel stone thrower
  • Efficient gravel stone thrower
  • Stone thrower
  • Spear Thrower
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