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Settlements are static objects on the map, and belong to players (or to the Neanderthals). When a player owns a settlement, he or she can place on it buildings and units, create new armies or strengthen the existing ones.


Types of Settlements

There are three different types of settlements in total.

You see an overview of the buildings and their individual requirements at the Construction Graph. Tech Tree (Tech Tree).

Home Settlement

Every player starts with the Home Settlement. It can‘t be captured or completely destroyed and its player can‘t create additional home settlements.

There are up to 36 small building grounds and 4 big building grounds, whereas a big building ground is already occupied with the chieftains‘s hut.
At every new expansion level you get 4 new building grounds,so on expansion level 10 you can use all 40 building grounds. Home Settlement Buildings

Home Settlement Buildings


Fortresses are military bases, they can be captured. Every region is ruled by one fortress. At the beginning of every round the fortresses are ruled by NPC‘s (non-player character). Inside the fortress there is a fortification and two building grounds for towers. In fortresses it‘s possible to raise taxes for the region, and soon you can define which player can pass the fortress without restriction (not implemented now). Fortress Buildings Overview, About Fortresses


Camps are the only settlements that can be founded by the player. Inside the camps there are 12 building grounds available. 2 big building grounds and 10 small building grounds, whereas one big building ground is already occupied with the haunt. With the foundation you have 8 building grounds, on haunt level 11 two more and on level 20 the last two. Camps can be founded on uncultivated places. For this you need a free settlement point, one small chief with an army at the settlement place and one action point. You can build only one settlement in every region and none in the home region.

Camp Buildings Overview

Settlement Points

Settlement points are needed to capture settlements or to found them.
All settlements including the home settlement consume one settlement point.
If you try to capture a fortress or a camp without having settlement points, either another participant of the battle will get the settlement or when no participant of the battle has settlement points, the settlement stays ruled by the defender.

The number of settlement points is determined by your worldly ranks.
The first 4 ranks offer one settlement point, then every second (marked with an upper-) rank offers another settlement point.


Building Grounds

There are different types of building grounds:

  • Small building grounds - maximum expansion level of a building: 10
  • Big building grounds - maximum expansion level of a building: 20
  • Fortress and fortress towers - maximum expansion level of a building: 10

Some buildings like the Central Command Post can only be placed on big building grounds.

Building Queue

A building queue is based on 2 building tasks, with a premium account you can have 5 building tasks. Running building tasks are styled in green. They show how long they need to be built. Not running building tasks are styled in red. Raw materials that are available for one task are checked at the construction beginning. If the required raw materials are not available for the building task, the task stays within the building queue until the required raw materials are available. Building tasks can be finished immediately with pushing the “hurry“ button , but it costs one toad.


Most buildings can be torn off. Exceptions are all the head buildings (Chieftain‘s Hut, Fortifications,Haunt) and the buildings that operates with armies and the game dynamics(campfire, garrison buildings, central command post, altar, camp). Sometimes demolition of already constructed buildings is reasonable because the number of building grounds is limited. The demolition of a building is handled like a building task and occupies a building task within the building queue. The duration of the demolition equals the sum of construction periods of all levels of this building.


Units constructed inside the settlement all go to the garrison. The garrison can inhibit only a limited number of units. The units of the garrison defend an attacked settlement. A big garrison can be a crucial factor in defending a settlement or a fortress or a haunt.

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