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Raw Materials

There are four types of raw materials:

  • stone
  • wood
  • skins
  • toads

There are different sources to receive them.


Raw materials are kept in a global storage.
All settlements have a common storage, so your entire production goes right into this global storage. The maximum storage volume can be increased at the beginning by extending the Chieftain's Hut.
Further ahead in the gaming process, the maximum storage volume can be increased by the construction of the Raw Material Store or the Great Raw Material Store.

Your Own Production

In home settlement and next to the raw material store you can create buildings which produce raw materials.

In the first age:

In the second age:

Additionally you can buy toads at the treasure trove.

Raising of Taxes

The owner of a Fortress can raise taxes from all the settlements within a region.
You can choose a tax rate between 5% and 15%. The raised taxes will be attributes to the raw materials of the fortress owner.

Trading with Other Chiefs

The building of Raw Materials Store or a Great Store enables the trading with other chiefs.
The larger your raw material store is, the more carts are available for your trading. Every cart can transport 10 raw materials.

Usage of Raw Materials

Raw materials are the basis of every development and progress .
They are needed to construct Buildings and Units.

You need toads to the upgrades of buildings to Level 20 (except the Chieftain's Hut), to accelerate the construction of buildings and for other features like the acceleration of mandates.

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