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In Wack-A-Doo, there are two different ranks.

Worldly Rank

The worldly rank reflects different levels of experience.
With the increase of Experience, the character acquires higher ranks.

By advancing in worldly rank, the number of Settlement Points increases.
From the second rank onward, there is a settlement point for each of the next three ranks. Subsequently, there is another settlement point for every second rank, which is always a full rank, i.e. without "junior-" in the title.
In Alliance Progress a settlement point is displayed with each rank progression (+1).

Cleric Rank

Currently, there is only the first cleric rank unrecognized.
In the further developments of Wack-A-Doo, the spiritual rank will receive a function.


In Wack-A-Doo, experience can be gained in different ways in order to ascend in the worldly rank.

In addition to the character experience, individual armies can collect Army Experience.

Training Cave

In the Training Cave, the player receives an ongoing experience.
The higher the level of the Training Cave, the higher the experience per hour.

The training cave can only be built in the home settlement. It is also possible to build several training caves in a home settlement.

Possession of an Artifact

Owning an Artifact in the activated state, brings about ongoing experience same to the training cave.
The experience of an artifact depends on the rank of the worldly character.

Experience in Loss of the Owned Units

For each separate unit destroyed in a fight, the character gains experience.

Experience for Victories

A character gains experience for the victory in a battle.
The experience is gained for each victory, whether the victory was achieved against the NPC Neanderthals or against other players.
Furthermore, all characters participating in the fight get the experience for the victory.

The experience of victory depends on various factors.

  • The number of defeated opponents
  • The ratio of the two factions of the fight. The smaller the ratio (of the number of the army units between the two factions), the higher the experience for the fight.
  • The number of rounds, in which the armies of the character have participated in the fight. Those armies added later receive less experience than armies that have been through the whole fight.
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