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Alliance Progress

In the bar display, the player sees their own experience in relation to the experience of the members of the alliance.


In Wack-A-Doo, there are two different Ranks. The Worldly Rank and Cleric Rank.


The experience of a character is crucial for the rise of Worldly Rank and thus for the number of Settlement Points. In Wack-A-Doo, experience can be gained in different ways. Further explanation can be found on Rank & Experience.

Settlement Points

Settlement Points displays the number of Settlement Points already used through the possession of settlements as wll as the total number of settlement points.


The fights display the number of victorious fights and defeats of the player's armies.


The history of the character displays the participation and possible Round Victorys of a player.


Using adjustment, the appearance of your character can be customized.

Changing Your Name

The name must be unique. Ideally, the name is assigned in the Stone Age.
A name can consist of 2 to a maximum of 12 characters.

Note that only the first two name changes are free!
To prevent abuse, all other name changes cost 20 coins.

Selecting Your Gender

The sex of the character can be chosen.

Gender also can be changed twice for free.
To prevent abuse, all the other changes cost 20 coins.


Under settings, various settings can be changed.

Changing the Password

The password can be changed here.
A password can be between 6 and 40 characters. A secure password contains uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers.

Password disclosure is prohibited! Make sure that no one knows your password.

Several Players on the Same IP Address

Here players can enter the names of other players, which play Wack-A-Doo in the same network with the same IP Address. Detailed information is available here: Multiple Players on the Same IP Address.

System Time

The display shows the system time of Wack-A-Doo and the setting of the local computer clock.
A possible deviation is displayed as a difference.

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