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On the map the settlements and armys are located.

Fortresses in map regions

How do I find other fortresses on the basis of their number: Here an example with a fortress and its number: 1002322

How do I figure out the number:
If you click on any fortress, on the bottom right appears the number of the region where the fortress stand and beneath a number in parentheses(Here: 1002322)

How does the number work?
First we zoom out thus far, the Wack-A-Doo playing field is just made out of 4 fields. In theory, it looks like this tabular

This field is 0

This field is 1

This field is 2

This field is 3

Now you look for the first digit of the "fortress number": (Here it is 1)
When you zoom in, field 1 becomes a new "tabular" with 4 more fields.
Here you take the second digit of the "fortress number" (0 in this example) and zoom in again.
This you repeat up to the last digit and look - you have found what you are looking for ...

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