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Home settlement is the start settlement for every player.
Home settlement is the largest and most important settlement, provided with the largest building grounds, and is the only settlement type which cannot be rubbed by other players.

Buildings of the Home Settlement

In Home Settlement Buildings all the buildings of the home settlement are listed and explained. The Construction Graph (Tech Tree) shows individual buildings, depending on the level of the Chieftain's Hut. Some buildings such as the campfire and the artifact cabin can only be built in the home settlement of a player.

Building Grounds of the Home Settlement

Home settlement is provided with a total of 40 building grounds.
In home settlement there are up to 36 small and 4 large Building Grounds, from which a larger building ground is taken for the chief's cottage.

At each expansion level of the chieftain's hut 4 building grounds are set free, so at level 10 all the 40 building grounds will be available for construction.

Home Settlement & Fight

Home settlements, like any other settlements, can attack or be attacked by armies.
A home settlement cannot come to the possession of another player, i.e. cannot be taken over. It is not possible to throw a player out of the game.

Battle Bonus of the Home Settlement

The battle bonus of the home settlement can be increased by expanding the Chieftain's Hut.

  • Chieftain's Hut: 50% battle bonus per level (a maximum of 20 levels * 50% = 1000%)

The maximum battle bonus of a home settlement is in total 1200%.

Artifact Fight

Possessed Artifacts can be rubbed through a fight.

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