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Buildings of a Fortress

A fortress is provided with three building grounds, of which one is occupied by the fortress. The other two can be occupied by towers for the production of units.
See Buildings of the Fortress.


The fortress collects taxes from each settlement in the region automatically, which are then credited to the resource pool of the fortress owner. The more settlements which are in use in the region, the higher the tax revenues of the fortress owner will be. The tax rate can be set between 5% and 15% by the fortress owner.

Taking Control of a Fortress

Control over a fortress can be taken at any time. Control can be taken by fortresses in the possession of wild Neanderthals, as well as by players.

The takeover has the following effects:

  • Control of the fortress will be transferred to the conquering players.
  • All the buildings of the fortress lose a level.
  • All construction contracts for buildings are terminated immediately.
  • All contracts for recruited units are terminated immediately.

Battle Bonus of a Fortress

The battle bonus of a fortress is 50% per level of the Fortress.

The battle bonus reinforces the life points of the fortress garrison along with every other army fighting on the side of the fortress.

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