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A fight takes place when an Army attacks another army or Settlement.



A fight always has exactly two factions:

  • attacker
  • defender

Factions can be Armys and Garrisons of a Settlement.

Each group can belong to any number of armies from any number of players.

Which army is fighting in which faction can be found in the fight overview. This can be opened with the "Fight Info" button which appears when a fighting army is selected.

Fighting against Settlements

If a Fortress or a Camp is involved in a fight, they will also fight over possession of the settlement automatically.
If the faction which fights against the settlement wins, the possession is also passed to the fight leader or another player with a free Settlement Point.

If no player in the attacking faction has a free Settlement Point, the Fortress or Camp remains in the possession of the former owner.


The fight is divided into rounds, which all take 30 minutes.
After the attack order is given, 30 minutes pass before the first round of the fight starts. This is called the initiation phase.

Regardless of later embarking of armies in the fight, the time of the fighting rounds remain unaltered. An army which has entered the fight 10 seconds before the next fighting round can immediately take part in the fight.

In each round, the chances for the Flank Attack are calculated and all Units receive their Attack Order.

At the end of each round, the armies will receive their Experience.

Superiority Bonus

If an army is superior to the other, the superior army gets a bonus, and the losing army gets a penalty which is acted upon its attack value.
This value is between -25% and +50%.


If an army is 10 times the size of the opposing army in the number of units, the smaller army is overrun.
The small army will be destroyed immediately without a fight and without the initiation phase of 30 minutes .

The winner will get no experience, but a victory for its history.

Settlements generally cannot be overrun.

Army A: 1000 units vs. army B: 100 units
Result: army B is overrun without a fight.

Army A: 999 units vs. army B: 100 units
Result: army B is not overrun, a normal-albeit-short fight takes place.

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