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Command Point

Each settlement has a number of command points.
The number of command points of a Settlement determines the number of different Armys that can be set up in this settlement.

Command Points of the Home Settlement

The Home Settlement may be the home to a maximum of 7 Armys.

The two buildings Chieftain's Hut and Command Post can increase the number of command points.

Chieftain's Hut

The Chieftain's Hut each command returns a point at level 3, 6, 12 and 20
Thus, overall, it is possible to get more than 4 command points through the chief's cottage.

Command Post

The Command Post returns a command point at each of the levels 1, 10, and 20.
Overall, therefore, it is possible to get a maximum of 3 command points through the command post.

A Command Post is a large building that can only be built on a large building ground.

Command Point of the Fortress

In a Fortress, that provide Fortifications deliver up to two command points.

The Fortifications return a command point at each of the levels 1 and 10.

Command Points of the Camp

In a Camp, each Gathering Place gives a maximum of two command points at levels 2 and 20.
By constructing a Camp, another command point can be obtained at level 10.

A camp has a maximum of 3 command points.

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