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Camps may be built in a region, in which no other settlement of that player is built. Thus, a player can not create camps in his home region. Likewise, no two camps of the same player may be present in one region.


Establishment of a Camp

As described, establishment can be carried out only in a region where there is no other owned settlement, i.e. neither the Home Settlement nor the Camps.

Requirements for the establishment of a camp:

  • Construction of a small chieftain on the campfire of the home settlement
  • Moving with an army, including the small chieftain, to a free settlement ground and settling in a region where there is no other owned settlement
  • The player requires a settlement point.
  • The establishment requires an action point from the army.

Buildings of a Camp

The camp is provided with buildings, some of which are introduced through the home settlement and the rest are only available through the camp. Camp Buildings

Building Grounds of a Camp

The camp has access to a maximum of 12 building grounds.

  • two large building grounds, of which one is occupied by Gathering Place.
  • ten small building grounds

Enabling a Camp

With the establishment of a camp a total of three, i.e. putting aside the gathering place, two free building grounds become available.
Each level of the Gathering Place increases the number of building grounds stopping at level 10, where the maximum of 12 building grounds is achieved.

Garrison/Army Size and Command Points

Garrison and army size in a camp is limited to 200 units. A camp has one command point.

With construction of a Field Camp from level 10 on, another command point can be acquired for establishing an army . The field camp raises the garrison and army size by 300 plus 50 per level until level 10. At level 10 of the Field Camp the garrison and army size is 1000 units.
Level 11-20 increase by 20 per level. So the maximum size of the army and garrison is 1200 units.

Battle Bonus of a Camp

A Camp has a battle bonus. This battle bonus is equal to 25% of the level of the haunt.

The battle bonus applies to all armies on the side of the Camp participating in a fight, and the garrison of the camp. Like a fortress, a camp with no army or garrison can have no self defense.

Taking the Control of a Camp

In addition to establishing a camp, control can also be obtained by attacking an existing camp.

Prerequisites for a takeover

  • Victorious attack
  • A free settlement point for the attacker
  • The cave is always the initiator of the fight.
  • Provided there is no free settlement point, a player with the largest army in the camp takes over.

Consequences of a takeover:

  • The control of the camp changes to one of the attacking players, provided they have one free settlement point.
  • The large building ground loses a level.
  • All small building grounds lose a level.
  • The special building Camp is deleted completely.
  • All current contracts, in both construction and recruitment, will be canceled immediately.

Protecting a Camp

The altar protects a camp from takeovers. The camp may still be attacked, whereby the outcome is a defeat without loosing control over the camp.

The altar can not be destroyed! However, it is demolished by the control command of a camp. (s.u.)

The Control Command of a Camp

A player can give up the control of a camp in the settlement overview.

The control command has the following effects:

  • The camp is no longer in the player's possession, it goes into the hands of the wild Neanderthals.
  • The player will receive a free settlement point.
  • Camp or Altar is destroyed.

(this function is used to ensure that the abandoned camps are not protected by an altar and can be taken over.)

  • All building grounds lose a level (except, of course, when they are built with a camp or an altar).
  • All construction contracts are terminated immediately.
  • All contracts for recruiting units are terminated immediately.
  • Several wild Neanderthals move into the camp and occupy the garrison (an abandoned camp is slightly protected).
  • The abandoned camp continues to pay taxes to the fortress!

'Warning:' Aggressive players may use this control command feature of a camp to harm other targeted players or alliances.
By taking over and the subsequent command, the player receives a free settlement point and remains in the field of the other camp/fortress to take over.
The only real protection against this playing strategy is constructing a Altar in the camp.

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