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About Artifacts

Artifacts are pieces that can be taken from the Neanderthals, robbed from the players, lost in the battle, and activated in the main settlement.

An artifact in the activated state is recognizable by a glow effect. When enabled, an artifact provides the player and the player’s alliance with a bonus.

The possession of artifacts is another Victory Condition for an alliance.

Visibility of Artifacts

Artifacts owned by “Neanderthals” are not visible.
By initiating a fight against the Neanderthals, artifacts become immediately visible to all players. Thus every player can watch the battle for the artifact and intervene accordingly.

An artifact which is in the possession of a “player” is always visible. The artifact is visible as a game piece alongside the main settlement of the player.

Possession of Artifacts

Each player can possess at most one artifact.
In the case a player capturing an artifact from the Neanderthals or robbing one from another player, the newly obtained artifact will be lost. (See. Loss of Artifacts).

Number of Artifacts

There are a fixed number of different types of artifacts.
Each artifact type can show up in the game multiple times. The number of artifacts per artifact type is increased in the course of a round. Example:
Suppose there are 3 types of artifacts: Red, Yellow, Blue
Of each artifact type there are 5 artifacts in the game.

Thus, in total 15 artifacts are in the game.

Battle over Artifacts

Conquering of Artifacts from the Neanderthals

At the beginning, the artifacts are in the possession of the Neanderthals. They can be conquered through a battle against the Neanderthals. Artifacts can not be taken by overrunning the Neanderthals!
There is a slight chance that the artifact gets lost.(See. Loss of Artifacts).

After a victory over a Neanderthal, who has possessed an artifact, the artifact appears immediately in the main settlement of the player. If lost to a Neanderthal army, the artifact remains with the Neanderthals. However, it is again invisible.
Another –this time victorious- attack can bring back the artifact into the possession of the player, provided that it does not get lost.

Battle over Artifacts in the Possession of Players

Artifacts in the possession of players can be robbed by other players.

Change in Ownership after the End of the Battle

Artifacts can be robbed by players through an attack on the main settlement.
With a victorious attack the artifact is immediately transferred, provided that it does not get lost. (See. Loss of Artifacts).

Change in Ownership during the Battle

In the ongoing fight, it is possible to a low degree that the ownership of an artifact changes after the end of the battle round.
This probability depends on the strength ratio of both factions in the battle. The strength is calculated without the combat bonus of the settlement.

This way the artifact might also change hands without the attacking faction winning the battle.
Also in this case the artifact might get lost. (See. Loss of Artifacts).

New Owner

The new owner of an artifact can only be the leader of the attacking faction.
In a possible change in ownership, the artifact might get lost (See. Loss of Artifacts), if the current leader of the attacker faction already owns an artifact.

Loss of Artifacts

Loss through change of ownership

With each change of artifact ownership, there is a chance that the artifact gets lost.
In the case of a lost artifact, it returns back to the possession of the Neanderthals and is placed close to the last artifact location, but it is of course invisible again.
By defeating the Neanderthals again, the artifact can be recaptured.

Loss through moving

If you move your settlement while you are owning an artifact, you will lose the artifact.
Additionally you won't be able to conquer a new artifact for the next 24 hours after moving.

Activation and Bonus

Artifact Cabin

An artifact cabin Artifact Cabin can be constructed as a building in the main settlement. The Artifact Cabin is needed for activating an artifact.
In Artifact Cabin additional information, like the bonus for the activated artifact, is available to the owner.


Activation costs raw material, proportional to the rank of the player.
In addition, activation has a time period. The activation time can be reduced by expanding the artifact cabin and be halved by spending some dough.

Bonus of Artifacts

The bonus of activating an artifact is displayed in the building Artifact Cabin as well as in the artifact dialog.

Only activated artifacts bring along bonuses. An artifact in a deactivated state provides no bonus. An artifact yields three bonuses.

  • Experience for the owner: The amount of the experience bonus depends on the rank of the player.
  • The Player Bonus applies to all the settlements of the artifact owner.
  • The Alliance Bonus applies to all the settlements of all the alliance members (including the artifact owner).

[[‎]] The experience bonus is only available to the owner. Other bonuses are available to all the players in Artifact-Info.

Bonuses of multiple artifacts in the possession of an alliance are reinforced additively, just like all other bonuses.

Once activated, an artifact is permanently activated and provides the bonus as long as it stays in the possession of a player.
After robbery or loss the artifact becomes deactivated again.

Artifacts as Victory Conditions

Artifacts present an additional Victory Conditiion.

To meet the victory condition, an alliance must possess all the artifact types (= the complete artifact set).
Upon activating the last artifact type, the holding period starts to count down. After the hold time this alliance will win the round if no other alliance already fulfills another victory condition.

Example: (same as above)
There are 3 artifact types: Red, Yellow, and Blue. There are 5 of each artifact type, so in total there are 15 artifacts in the game. An alliance must possess and activate one red, one yellow, and one blue artifact in order to fulfill the victory condition.
The alliance can win the round by possessing the set of 3 artifacts; regardless of whether another alliance owns significantly more artifacts (e.g. all the other red and yellow; in this example 4+4=8) without fulfilling the victory condition.

The artifacts needed for a victory are not all available in the game at the beginning of a round, so a fast fulfillment of the Victory Conditiion is not made possible.<br/ The goal is to make the individual victory conditions equally possible, so that an alliance can itself look for its game goals without ignoring the other Victory Conditions.

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