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Units in the garrison of a Settlement can be formed into an army. Armies are visible on the map, you can move around and attack other armies and settlements.



Movements are possible between fortresses and between a fortress and the different locations in their region. Each movement trial costs one action point.
The movement itself does not require time. However, there is a preparation time of 15 minutes, which is used to give other players a chance to react. During this time, the army remains in where it is. Once the preparation period is over, the army carries out the movement.
If the army is attacked during the preparation period, the movement is stopped.

Action Points

Armies have action points which are consumed with every movement and every attack. Every 3-hour period regenerates an action point.


In the Army-Info one can adjust if the army defends a Settlement, if the addressed Settlement is attacked.

The same applies if the army is attacked. Then the fortress defendes automatically. All armies wich have a "defending" setting, would defend in an attack accordingly.

The army defends the fortress only if the fortress belongs to the same player or same alliance.

Foreign fortresses will not be defended and also do not automatically participate in the fight!

Army Experience

After each round of fighting, the army will get 10 experience points for every lost unit.

There are 20 ranks. Newly formed armies start on rank 1.

Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Army Experience 0 30 60 90 150 240 390 630 1.020 1.650 2.670 4.320 6.990 11.310 18.300 29.610 47.910 77.520 125.430 202.950

The ranks give the following bonuses:

• +5% of effectiveness vs. all categories per rank
• +2% hit points per rank
• 5% multiplicative effect on the critical hit chance: (1 + [rank] * 0.05), * [Critical Hit]
• +1 critical damage of all the 4 ranks (5,9,13,17)

Home Settlement of the Armies

Each army depends on the settlement in which it was created, and by which is now supported and taken care of; expressed by the used command point.
An army can only be founded and strengthened on the home settlement.

Losing the Armies by Losing the Settlements

With the loss of the home settlement of an army (possible with fortresses and camps) the command point is also passed to the possession of the victorious chief.
The army is not attributed to the opponent, but will be dissolved immediately after acquisition.
Even if the army should have been participating in a fight, the units scatter all over the land and the army disappears from the fight and from the map immediately.

Why is That?

1. This feature gives players a tactical alternative to direct confrontation with a large army, you can alternatively try to cut off the support and to take over the fortress or the camp.

2. If this rule was not set, players could generate more armies through further deliberate fortress acquisitions, once command points were available (after the command points are used up by a player, a friend takes over the fortress and also creates armies). Then at this settlement there would be twice as many armies (owned by 2 players) such as command points.

For this reason, the home settlement is of main importance for your armies: as the main settlement can not be taken or destroyed, the armies which were generated and maintained there are safe; they can not be disconnected from support.

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